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Calling Cards

International Phone Cards & Cheap Prepaid Calling Cards for Hundreds of destinations.
Save up to 95% with International Calling Cards
● Receive your calling cards to your email within seconds.
● Fast and secure Online shopping, certified by Verisign.
More than 1.4 million calling cards sold.

Wireless Cards - We carry Cards from: USA, Mexico, Argentina...
Pay-As-You-Go on Cingular, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, BOOST, ALLTEL, More!
● Traveler Calling Cards - Get ONE CARD for Many Countries
Latin America, Europe, Worldwide
Call From Your PC to ANY PHONE!!!
  Make calls directly from Phonico Dialer avoiding the extra step of coming to our site for each call!
  Call any phone or mobile in the World from your computer
  Enjoy the lowest rates in the market
  Forget about annoying connection fees and other hidden costs in your phone bill!
  Keep all your contacts organized and a detailed call history!
  Recharge your account at any time from your dialer!
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